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Construction sites generate an incredible amount of data that can hold keys to working more efficiently, intelligently and safely. But to unlock these benefits, raw data must be turned into actionable insights. Cat® Connect has a growing suite of technology and services that help customers run more profitable operations. For example, Cat Payload can reduce cycle times up to 10 percent compared to loading systems with traditional scales by moving more material, more accurately. By making it easy to monitor individual machines, whole fleets or entire jobsites, Cat Link telematics technology helps operators get more out of every working minute. These services extend to our growing rental and used business as customer demand shifts from ownership to usership.

Operational Excellence

Construction Industries continues to build a strong operational foundation on our core competencies of safety, Lean, quality, cost flexibility and organizational agility. This includes providing industry-leading quality and striving for zero injuries. Recent examples of our dedication to operational excellence can be seen across the globe. In 2016, our China team anticipated doubling production over two years in this competitive environment for excavation products. To ensure stable quality, cost and delivery targets, the business needed to transform to meet customer demand. Caterpillar Xuzhou Limited (CXL) implemented robust strategic inventory buffers (SIB) for long lead time components and different models based on market analysis to ensure material and product availability. These actions helped CXL achieve a record production volume in 2018. Because of CXL’s success using SIBs, other Caterpillar excavation facilities are replicating the practice.

Expanded Offerings

We continue to introduce new products to meet customers’ diverse construction needs. These include new 1- to 2-ton and 7- to 10-ton Cat hydraulic excavator models, each providing outstanding performance, versatility, safety, operator convenience and affordability in each respective class. To meet changing customer needs for reliable, durable, powerful machines that are lower cost and easy to operate, we expanded our portfolio of GC models with the introduction of the 330 GC and 336 GC. Both offer productivity features with reduced fuel consumption and maintenance costs, resulting in high reliability and low-cost-per-hour performance. Caterpillar offers a wide range of machines for customers with new D6 models, available in a broad choice of configurations and updated technologies for ultimate versatility and performance. The Cat D6 XE is the world’s first high-drive electric drive dozer, offering up to 35 percent better fuel efficiency than its D6T predecessor and faster cycle times, making electric drive the top choice to achieve the high levels of productivity and fuel efficiency.

Doing the
Work with
Next Gen

The first comprehensive redesign of our hydraulic excavators (HEX) in 25 years began with a simple goal: help customers work better than ever. The Caterpillar product team started by doing its homework and interviewing more than 1,000 customers worldwide. The result was a line of next-generation hydraulic excavators (NGH) that maintains the strength and productivity customers expect from Cat® products with added technology to meet a variety of needs.

Operator safety was a top consideration. NGH excavators offer improved visibility from the cab with cameras that provide 360-degree visibility and e-fence features, setting parameters for how wide, high and low an excavator’s boom and front linkage can swing. The NGH also leverages a common global platform with modular add-ons – making it easier for customers to get machines and parts quickly.

E-fence works in many applications. For example, when working next to roads and under utilities, the technology parameters help keep the public and operators safe. Australian customer Black Cat Civil finds the Cat Next Gen excavators to be a perfect match for their technology-focused business model. More standard technology options, including 3D capabilities and e-fence, are helping them work safer while also providing increased accuracy, resulting in less rework and waste. These features, along with improved fuel efficiency, increased operator comfort and reduced maintenance costs, are helping Black Cat realize a better return on its investment with Next Gen excavators.