Cat® 794 AC Delivers a Better
Bottom Line

Caterpillar leads the industry in all truck payload classes with the exception of the 320-ton size class, which has become popular in mining, but it isn’t a segment in which Caterpillar has always participated. That all changed with Caterpillar’s purchase of Bucyrus in 2011. We combined the chassis of Bucyrus’s Unit Rig truck line with the electric drive system of our 795 AC to release a new large mining truck: the Cat® 794 AC, now racking up hours—and growing interest—from customers around the world. The product itself was developed with a close partnership with one of the largest users of the 320-ton size class and tested on-site against competitive trucks with customer acknowledgement of superior product performance than competition.

The combination of design and expertise from two different entities takes this size class to the next level. The frame design has hundreds of thousands of hours to its name, while the drive system has more than 4 million hours of proven performance. Other features, such as the truck’s engine, also earn high marks. The 794 is powered by the Cat C175-16 engine — the same engine Caterpillar uses in its 793 and 795 trucks. It is known to perform well even in deep pit applications with high load factors.

Customers report satisfaction with the truck’s lighter weight compared to the competition, which allows them to accurately hit payload targets. An integrated drive system and engine allow for greater power on the ground. Mechanics are impressed with ease of maintenance, thanks to two platforms that run on both sides of the engine, ground-level access to filters, and a large amount of space in which to work. These benefits combine to deliver a better cost per ton—which is precisely what our customers are seeing on their bottom lines.