Breaking Records for Longevity
and Performance

Caterpillar prides itself on building machines that work harder, go further and get the job done more efficiently than the competition. In markets around the world, our high performance is leading to headline-worthy milestones.

Keeping Mine Production High

The Cat® MD6420B, a rotary blasthole driller at work in Australia’s most prominent mining regions, delivered record-breaking results in its first year on the job. With an industry average of around 5,000 hours per year, two MD6420Bs onsite in the Hunter Valley topped that number by about 2,000 hours.

Supporting a Record-Setting
Job Site

The SUEK Yalevskogo Mine in Russia set a new Russia record for monthly coal production from a single face—a total of 4.8 million metric tons in four months of operation. It was supported by Cat equipment including roof supports, an AFC PF6 face conveyor, beam stage loader and SK1114 crusher.

3-Million-Miler Jerry Scheidt at his home base in Marengo, Ohio, with his wife, Bonnie Scheidt, and basset hound, Buster.

At the Lafayette Welcome Center, pictured left to right: Tyler Pengelly, Clay Callahan, Jerry Scheidt, Bonnie Scheidt and Holly Pullen.

Celebrating Millions of Miles Behind the Wheel

Caterpillar honors drivers who have logged a million miles or more with a Cat truck engine. We recently added a new name to the ranks: Jerry Scheidt, who has spent more than 3 million miles behind the wheel of his 1989 3406B powered Freightliner. Scheidt logged 1.5 million of those miles with Cat dealer Cleveland Brothers, who report that the engine has been overhauled only twice.