Connecting Assets
Across the Ocean

Relationships that span more than three decades have special value. In this case, that value is based upon a deep understanding of how to enhance a customer’s business and measured by real cost savings.

A Cat® dealer in the Pacific Northwest has a 35-year relationship with a regional seafood producer, including a deep understanding of the customer’s network of facilities that stretch from Alaska to New Zealand. Cat generator sets provide electric power at many of the customer’s locations.

The Cat dealer knew that the customer could increase efficiency by using Cat Connect Technology and Service to manage some of these assets. The customer began by adding Cat Connect capability to four 3512 generator sets at an Alaskan processing plant, sharing data about fuel consumption and engine speed with the company headquarters 3,500 miles away. This information allows the customer to spot problems, plan repairs and prevent disruptive shutdowns, saving potentially up to $200,000 per day in lost production.

The company is also finding value in sharing data with others. For example, data from two units equipped with Selective Catalytic Reduction aftertreatment systems can be shared with the Alaska Department of Energy (DOE). As a result, the DOE requires less frequent environmental compliance testing, sparing the customer time, costs and disruption. The testing, which typically costs more than $40,000, will likely be done every two years. The customer is pleased with results achieved to date and has begun deploying Cat Connect Technology and Service to four other power systems at the Alaskan plant. Plans call for connecting more assets at other locations over the next several years.