Offering Value
Beyond the Sale

Our enterprise strategy is focused on providing services and solutions that deliver a superior experience to customers. The new All Access Pass program does just that – delivering valuable, relevant information to stay better connected to customers throughout the life of the relationship.

The All Access Pass program is a robust series of emails that deliver machine family–specific details directly to the customer’s inbox. The emails feature:

  • Timely maintenance reminders
  • Video links to basic and advanced operating tips
  • Dealer service contact information
  • Advanced machine features
  • Links to related Cat® Digital Solutions

Creating a superior customer experience isn’t a new idea. Every day, Cat dealers around the world work closely with customers of all sizes to ensure they’re maximizing their equipment. All Access Pass aims to supplement their efforts by providing a simple, turnkey solution that reduces the amount of time, effort and financial resources spent on customer experience initiatives.

Currently, All Access Pass is live at 30 dealers in North America with more than 3,800 customers actively receiving emails and we recently added the first dealer in South America to the program. Throughout 2019, we will continue to onboard more dealers and lay the groundwork to expand the program in other regions and product lines. The program will also grow beyond emails into a complete post-transaction experience, incorporating a new machine and customer onboarding process, http://My.Cat.Com and other initiatives.