Putting Insights
at Operators’

Cat® machines generate massive amounts of data every second of every operation. Now, Caterpillar is transforming this data into a format that’s easy to access and interpret – and placing it into the palm of operators’ hands by making it available via a suite of services in an app and online.

These new services are anchored by My.Cat.Com, a website where customers can access all equipment data from any location using any device and with a single login. The site increases users’ efficiency and improves decision making by allowing them to:

  • Stay on top of health and maintenance. Fluid monitoring and maintenance alerts make it easy to catch issues before they become headaches, and they turn data into immediate actions.
  • Master equipment ownership. Customers can view all of their assets, including their location and fuel levels, and create utilization reports for deeper insights.
  • Store critical information. My.Cat.Com works as a digital glovebox, storing records such as operating manuals, work orders, contracts, service agreements and more, making these documents accessible anywhere.

The new Cat App for construction is the companion app for My.Cat.Com. Designed to be a lightweight telematics tool, the Cat App displays basic fleet information, asset hours and locations. Customers can use the app to manage preventive maintenance, contact local dealers and much more. The app also provides keyless start/stop of machines in a customer’s fleet. My.Cat.Com and the Cat App are complimentary with the purchase of a new Cat machine.

Remote Services is another example of how Caterpillar is helping dealers reduce downtime and increase job site efficiency. There are two key features – Remote Troubleshoot and Remote Flash. Remote Troubleshoot enables Cat dealers to run diagnostic testing on connected machines, determine the cause of a fault code or alarm and pinpoint potential issues while a machine is in operation. Remote Flash enables updates to a machine’s onboard software without a technician present. A Cat dealer notification informs customers when a new software update is available, and the customer can deploy the update while the machine is on the job site.

Together, My.Cat.Com, the Cat App and Remote Services are rewriting the rules of the job site.