Energy &

Powering the World’s Energy Needs

Caterpillar’s Energy & Transportation (E&T) segment helps move goods by sea and rail and powers buildings and equipment, including our own machines. Our multiple strong brands have a long history of success: Since 1925, we have built over 20 million engines and have installed 750,000 generator sets. We have grown through acquisitions that allow us to expand our offerings to customers. And we still have plenty of distance to travel. With 15 percent of the world’s population without electricity, and 2 billion people wanting access to power by 2040, Caterpillar delivers energy and transportation solutions that keep the world powered.*

Operational Excellence

  • Decreased manufacturing space by approximately 13 percent.**
  • Reduced assets by more than $1 billion.**
  • Realized significant material cost savings and period cost reductions in the past three years.**

Since 1925, we’ve built over

20 Million


Expanded Offerings

Thanks to our acquisition of Kemper Valves & Fittings, we now offer a 3500 engine, transmission, well stimulation pump and high-pressure flow iron as an integrated solution to our oil and gas customers.


Sustainability Through Reman

Caterpillar is a global leader in remanufacturing technology, with E&T recycling more than 1.5 billion pounds annually.

Rail Infrastructure

The Rail division is a complete rail industry solutions provider. Our rail services go beyond the train to the surrounding infrastructure. We supply track work and signals to the railroads.

Solar Turbines’ Service Success

Solar provides 24/7 field service support along with a suite of offerings throughout the entire life cycle of the equipment.

  •  *IEA World Energy Outlook 2017
  • **Since 2013