CAT AI – Ensuring Ships
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Monitoring engine performance is critical in the marine industry. Cat® Asset Intelligence (AI) makes this easier with advanced predictive analytics and expert advisory services across vessels or entire fleets. We recently entered a partnership to provide these services to Stena Line, one of the world’s largest ferry operators. With 36 vessels and 20 routes, Stena Line transports more than 2 million freight units and 7 million passengers each year.

Working with Pon Power, Cat AI will provide monitoring of multiple new Stena vessels with planned delivery during 2019 and 2020. The vessels will be built by AVIC Shipyard in China and optimized for efficiency and flexibility. The scope of the digital partnership goes well beyond connecting the main engines. It also includes the auxiliary diesel generators, controllable pitch propellers, bow thrusters, boiler systems and the tank management systems.

Unlike technologies that only monitor individual equipment performance, or focus only on specific operational parameters, Cat AI provides monitoring and reliability-centered, advanced analytics for any critical system on the vessel and for Cat or competitive equipment, allowing Stena to make condition-based maintenance decisions and operational refinements. In addition to the visibility and advisories from the onboard and onshore platforms, Caterpillar also will provide Stena with dedicated Fleet Advisor Services.

Caterpillar Marine Asset Intelligence
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