Creating a More Efficient
Ship Through Data

From construction to scrapping, fuel accounts for 90 percent of vessel spending. Increasing costs, combined with a desire to reduce emissions, are the two most important factors driving owner purchasing and operational behavior.

To address this opportunity, Caterpillar created a product that leverages our proprietary engine performance data, patented control algorithms and the broadest product line in the industry to give vessel owners fuel and emission savings of up to 20 percent. Caterpillar’s Multi-Engine Optimizer (MEO) enables customized engine combinations to operate at independent load points to produce the lowest possible fuel use and emissions. The platform creates, in essence, a virtual engine designed to match the unique load profile of each vessel.

While MEO enables owners to use efficient engine combinations on their new build projects, it can also be retrofitted to existing Cat, EMD and MaK-powered vessels. No matter the combination of engine sizes, brands, RPMs or fuel types, MEO can be used to modernize vessels efficiently and at low cost.