Caterpillar People

Our employees are the backbone of Caterpillar’s success. They provide the innovative and diverse thinking we need to serve our customers. We are committed to fostering a diverse, inclusive and safe environment where all employees can not only be successful, but also are actively encouraged to share their ideas. By leveraging each individual’s skills, abilities, experiences and cultural background, Caterpillar people can achieve superior business and personal results.


We are dedicated to the safety of everyone at Caterpillar, including that of the extended team of contractors, dealers, suppliers and customers. Our commitment to safety begins with the engineering of our products and manufacturing processes, and extends to operator training, job site solutions and promoting a culture of safety that guides the way we work.

In Caterpillar facilities, our Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) Assurance Manual establishes fundamental EHS requirements that apply globally, and Caterpillar’s safety and health risk assessment process brings a global focus to the identification, measurement and reduction of safety and ergonomic risk. In addition to these global expectations, our facilities implement innovative, local initiatives to positively impact our safety results. Caterpillar’s EHS professionals play a key role in providing expertise and support to Caterpillar operations around the world. By leveraging culture improvement tools from Caterpillar Safety Services, many Caterpillar operations have been able to make great strides in improving their safety culture.


Reduce our recordable workplace injury rate to 0.6 and lost-time injury case rate to 0.15 by 2020.

2017 Fatalities

Recordable Injury Frequency (RIF)4
Recordable injuries per 200,000 hours worked

We have improved our Recordable Injury Frequency rate by 92 percent from our 2003 base year.

Lost-Time Case Frequency Rate (LTCFR)4
Work-related injuries resulting in lost time per
200,000 hours worked

We have improved our Lost-Time Case Frequency Rate by 94 percent from our 2003 base year.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diverse and inclusive work environments embrace the values and unique talents, experiences and viewpoints of employees. At Caterpillar, we are a high-performing team living Our Values in Action and inspired to help our customers build a better world. Across the globe, Caterpillar employees work for the good of their careers, their families, their communities and our world. We strive for a Caterpillar experience that includes a winning culture, meaningful work, an empowered work environment and personal growth opportunities. To achieve this, employees are encouraged to speak up and share their ideas, resulting in more innovation, productivity and impact to the business.

To achieve results, our global Diversity and Inclusion strategy includes:

  • Defining roles, responsibilities and accountabilities for all employees
  • Holding leaders accountable for results through diversity and inclusion metrics
  • Building sustainability by embedding diversity and inclusion into key people processes

Caterpillar Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) help:

  • Drive innovation
  • Provide personal and professional development opportunities
  • Attract talent at recruiting events
  • Retain this talent through mentoring and networking opportunities
  • Serve our customers by hosting and providing translation services
  • Support our business by providing insight into various countries cultures and business acumen

ERGs By-The-Numbers







1 in 10
Caterpillar employees participate

In addition, ERG members frequently reach out to serve the communities where they live and work, demonstrating their support of learning institutions, charitable organizations, crisis relief efforts and cultural and artistic programs, to name a few.

ERGs are independent, voluntary and nonprofit by nature. Membership in any of our 14 ERGs is open to all Caterpillar employees interested in supporting the group’s stated mission and objectives. Members of an ERG help sustain an engaged workforce at Caterpillar – as evidenced by members responding more positively on engagement surveys.

Women in Leadership Initiative

Inclusion drives business results, and Caterpillar knows that when it focuses on having the best talent – including a more gender-balanced workforce – everyone benefits. The more diverse our global team, the better positioned we are to meet the needs of our customers. Our Women in Leadership initiative is an intentional, focused step on a continuous journey toward a globally diverse team.

2017 Results


Women in enterprise


Women in leadership

2022 Aspirational Goals


Female Employees


Female Leaders

Talent Development

As a company with hundreds of global locations that serve diverse industries such as transportation, construction, oil and gas, mining, marine and forestry, we are in a unique position to offer opportunities and valuable experiences for all our employees. This includes learning opportunities both inside and outside of Caterpillar, targeted leadership development, and building functional and market capabilities.

We support a continual learning environment and recognize the importance of multi-faceted experiences through a variety of formal and informal solutions for employees to grow skills, knowledge and capabilities.

Our leadership development programs include:

  • A comprehensive, by-leader-level global program provides development for all leaders at key transitions and links business strategy and development by business with focus on delivering business results. We have furthered our commitment to building a diverse and inclusive employee population.
  • Functional / market leadership development programs engage specific leader groups for development to enhance leader capabilities and performance in functions or countries, such as digital and China.

Informal learning is fostered for all employees through learning and technology-enabled systems for ease of access and enterprise collaboration. Learning from experiences is reinforced through coaching and feedback by executing our strategy and talent management practices.

Collective Bargaining


2017 Caterpillar Employees Under
Collective Bargaining Agreements

We respect the rights of our employees to form, join or not to join an employee association or trade union of their choice without fear of reprisal, interference, intimidation or harassment, and in a manner that is consistent with national laws and practices. Recognizing that exercising the right to choose whether to join or not to join a trade union is an important decision that requires thoughtful consideration, we believe it is critical that our employees exercise that right with the benefit of available information.

We have over 120
labor contracts with over
70 different unions

We value the direct relationship we share with our employees and are committed to a constructive social dialogue with them and their representatives in accordance with applicable employment legislation or local level custom and practice. Where employees are represented by an employee association or trade union in accordance with applicable national laws, we commit to seeking a constructive dialogue, or where appropriate, to bargain collectively and in good faith. We expect the same of those employee associations or trade unions seeking dialogue with us.