2015 Sustainability Report



A key element of Caterpillar’s sustainability strategy is engagement with stakeholders. Caterpillar’s External Sustainability Advisory Board (Advisory Board) is composed of experts from academia, industry and non-governmental organizations. The Advisory Board members are able to address sustainability broadly and, more specifically, sustainability as it relates to topic areas identified based on anticipated needs and benchmarking of other leading companies. The Advisory Board provides input and counsel on enterprise sustainability strategy, opportunities and challenges, emerging issues in sustainability, progress in implementation and public reporting.

In addition to providing feedback and counsel throughout the year on Caterpillar’s sustainability strategy and initiatives, this council of experts provided their comments on Caterpillar’s sustainability report and progress. Inclusion below indicates the provision of feedback, not the endorsement of the contents of the report.

Stakeholder engagement is also managed through our various business units that are responsible for each topic area. We include demonstrations of these engagements throughout the report. We communicate with and obtain feedback from stakeholders through a variety of means including surveys, in-person interactions, trade organizations and others. This feedback includes a variety of topics and stakeholder groups from customer feedback to human rights considerations.

Internally, the Caterpillar Sustainability Steering Committee provides guidance and support for our sustainability initiatives. This group is comprised of leaders from a number of business units, particularly focused on responsibilities that cross multiple divisions.

Caterpillar’s External Sustainability Advisory Board:

Aidan Davy

Deputy President and Senior Program Director, International Council on Mining & Metals

Stuart L. Hart

S. C. Johnson Professor Emeritus, Cornell University; President, Enterprise for a Sustainable World; Steven Grossman Chair in Sustainable Business, Grossman School of Business, University of Vermont

Thomas Lovejoy

University Professor of Environmental Science and Policy, George Mason University; Senior Fellow, The United Nations Foundation

Kevin McKnight

Chief Sustainability Officer and Vice President of EHS, Alcoa

William R. Moomaw

Professor, Center for International Environment and Resource Policy, The Fletcher School, Tufts University

Steve Skerlos

Thurnau Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Director of Sustainability Education Programs, University of Michigan

Leena Srivastava

Vice Chancellor,
TERI University