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Investing in Our People

There’s more to work at Caterpillar than the work itself. We’re a workforce made up of smart, diverse, committed people who work together to help build a better world, from supporting our customers through groundbreaking solutions to giving back in our local communities.

To continue to innovate and maintain our global leadership, we must attract, retain and develop the top talent. We do so by giving our people opportunities to explore different career paths within Caterpillar – using their skills and capabilities by moving between business units, locations and job functions. Employees can also learn through a variety of formal and informal programs. We cultivate a workplace where team members feel supported and that reflects the diverse base of customers we serve worldwide. Above all, we are dedicated to the safety of employees at Caterpillar, as well as our extended team of contractors, dealers, suppliers and customers.


We are dedicated to the safety of everyone at Caterpillar, and we work with our extended team of contractors, dealers, suppliers and customers to encourage a focus on safety for their operations and employees. We are saddened to report that one employee and one contractor suffered fatal workplace injuries in our facilities in 2018. Our vision of every employee returning home safely, every day has not wavered. Our commitment to safety begins with the engineering of our products and manufacturing processes, and extends to operator training, job site solutions and promoting a culture of safety that guides the way we work.

Safety Goal

Reduce our recordable workplace injury rate to 0.6 and lost-time injury case rate to 0.15 by 2020.



Recordable Injury Frequency (RIF) Recordable injuries per 200,000 hours worked

We have improved our Recordable Injury Frequency rate by 91.5 percent from our 2003 base year. However, our RIF increased by 8 percent from 2017 to 2018. Relentless focus on safety is important for our team members in all work areas. Our vision has always been, and continues to be, zero injuries. Our safety goals represent expected progress on our path to zero. While we acknowledge that our current RIF has surpassed our long-established goals, we will continue to strive for improvement until we reach our ultimate goal of zero. We strive for all team members to go home safe, every day.

Lost-Time Case Frequency Rate (LTCFR) Work-related injuries resulting in lost time per 200,000 hours worked

We have improved our Lost-Time Case Frequency Rate by 94.6 percent from our 2003 base year. We are encouraged that our LTCFR declined by approximately 6 percent from 2017 to 2018, even when our RIF increased modestly. We strive for all team members to go home safe, every day.

Diversity & Inclusion

2022 Aspirational Goals

  • 29% Women in Enterprise
  • 25% Women in Leadership

2018 Results

  • 20% Women in Enterprise
  • 19% Women in Leadership

We are committed to ensuring our workplace is diverse and representative of the many customers we serve around the globe. At Caterpillar, we respect the unique talents, experiences and viewpoints of all our employees. Different perspectives help us perform to our fullest potential and enable our company to make positive changes in the communities where we live and work. And that matters to us.

We are a high-performing team living Our Values in Action. We strive for an employee experience that includes a winning culture, meaningful work, an empowered environment and personal growth opportunities. To achieve this, employees are encouraged to speak up and share ideas, resulting in more innovation, productivity and positive impact to the business.

We also recognize the need to celebrate diversity and the uniqueness of each individual, while ensuring inclusion of everyone’s ideas and contributions. One way we accomplish this is through Caterpillar’s 14 Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), which are open to all employees. Our ERGs are in the midst of an exciting evolution that reflects the changing needs of Caterpillar’s business. They are broadening their scope beyond the support and development of their members and aligning their goals to business-focused activities. This important change amplifies the voices of our employees and the power of diverse thinking to better influence our business decisions.

One example of this has been through the work of Caterpillar’s Africa Business Resource Group (ABRG). Members have drawn on their cultural ties to the emerging African market to connect with the Caterpillar dealer network to support and promote Caterpillar’s Technicians for Africa program. Together, ABRG members and dealers have engaged with over 2,600 students in 13 technical schools to promote the program and build the future pipeline of technical talent in Africa.

Through this initiative, ABRG members are building business acumen, advancing leadership skills and gaining visibility to senior executives. They are redefining the value proposition of ERGs by fostering unique thinking and different points of view that translate into innovative solutions for our future talent needs.

  • 14 ERGs
  • 9,500 members
  • Nearly 1 in 10
    Caterpillar employees participates

Much of our success relies upon having top talent with a global mindset to build high-performing teams. The increased complexity of our business challenges demands that we have the right talent in the right place at the right time. We are also committed to increasing the representation of women at Caterpillar. According to Catalyst, research shows that companies that achieve greater gender balance, especially at leadership levels, yield more positive results. This issue matters to both men and women and is essential to the fulfillment of our company’s values on a global scale. Our Women in Leadership initiative is an intentional, focused step on a continuous journey toward a globally diverse team.

Talent Development

As a company with hundreds of global locations that serve diverse industries, such as transportation, construction, oil and gas, mining, marine and forestry, we are in a unique position to offer opportunities and valuable experiences for all our employees. This includes learning opportunities both inside and outside of Caterpillar, targeted leadership development and the opportunity to build technical capabilities.

We support a continual learning environment and recognize the importance of multifaceted experiences through a variety of formal and informal solutions for employees to grow skills, knowledge and capabilities.

Our leadership development programs include:

  • A comprehensive, global program customized for each level of leadership that provides development for all leaders at key career transition stages and links business strategy and development to the ability to deliver business results.
  • Technical and market leadership development programs engage specific leader groups for development to enhance leader capabilities and performance in functions or countries.
  • Informal learning experiences for all employees through learning and technology-enabled systems for ease of access and enterprise collaboration. Coaching and feedback reinforce this experiential learning through our strategy and talent management practices.

Collective Bargaining

40% Caterpillar
Employees Under
Collective Bargaining
Agreements in 2018
Over 115
Labor Contracts
Over 70
Different Unions

We respect the rights of our employees to form, join or not to join an employee association or trade union of their choice without fear of reprisal, interference, intimidation or harassment, and in a manner that is consistent with national laws and practices. Recognizing that exercising this right is an important decision that requires thoughtful consideration, we believe it is critical that our employees exercise that right with the benefit of available information.

We value the direct relationship we share with our employees and are committed to a constructive social dialogue with them and their representatives in accordance with applicable employment legislation or local-level custom and practice. Where employees are represented by an employee association or trade union in accordance with applicable national laws, we commit to seeking a constructive dialogue or, where appropriate, to bargain collectively and in good faith. We expect the same of those employee associations or trade unions seeking dialogue with us.