2015 Sustainability Report



Focus Area


Our employees have always been the backbone of Caterpillar’s success. They provide the innovative and diverse thinking we need to serve our customers. That is why we are committed to fostering a diverse, inclusive and safe environment where everyone can thrive and be successful. By leveraging each individual’s unique skills, abilities, experiences and cultural background, Caterpillar people can achieve superior business and personal results. When we seek out and are receptive to different points of view, we foster innovative solutions that can make us all more successful.

Quality is one of Caterpillar’s key sustainability principles. Traditionally, this applies to the quality of the processes, products, services, solutions and safety practices throughout the enterprise. But our commitment to quality also applies to the quality of life of our employees and members of the communities where we work.

Additionally, we promote the health and safety of our people with policies and proactive programs that help individuals stay safe, personally and professionally. We develop our products, manufacturing processes, training programs and customer assistance programs to minimize safety risks because the safety of our operations and the unique capabilities of our employees ensure the long-term success of our enterprise.

To continue fostering this environment, we start by leveraging our global reach and living our timeless values, which enable us to build a better world.

Our Global Reach

Achieving Caterpillar’s strategic vision requires building the best team by hiring and retaining the best people, which is why we are focused on providing employees with significant and diverse career opportunities. Our global reach provides our people with the ability to move between different locations, business units and product groups during the course of their careers at Caterpillar. These opportunities, along with career development resources, make it possible to have an exciting and meaningful experience with Caterpillar.

Our Timeless Values

In 1974, Caterpillar first published a Worldwide Code of Conduct. Now known as Our Values in Action – Caterpillar’s Code of Conduct – the document articulates our commitment to Integrity, Excellence, Teamwork, Commitment and Sustainability. We want to surround ourselves with talented people who love what they do and who want to help others succeed. In addition, Caterpillar strives for a diverse and inclusive work culture that helps bring our best ideas to the forefront. The passion of our employees is infectious and inspiring, as is their emphasis on teamwork. The people of Caterpillar are called to bring integrity, accountability and courtesy to every interaction between our employees, independent dealer network, supply chain and our customers.

Building a Better World

Caterpillar provides the opportunity for employees to be a part of products, services and programs that are helping to build a better world each and every day. This makes a transformational, tangible impact – not only on their own communities, but also on communities around the globe. Together, our employees, customers and products play a critical role in developing infrastructure and creating economic growth throughout the world. Our contributions range from helping provide basic infrastructure like roads, sanitation, airports and power to transforming societies.