2015 Sustainability Report


Caterpillar has set aspirational, long-term goals for its operations and product stewardship. We believe these standards affirm our determination to lead our industry to a more sustainable future.

2020 goals for OPERATIONS

  • Safety

    Reduce our recordable workplace injury rate to 0.6 and lost-time case rate due to injury to 0.15.

  • Energy

    Reduce energy intensity by 50 percent from 2006.

  • Energy

    Use alternative/renewable sources to meet 20 percent of our energy needs.

  • GHG Emissions

    Reduce greenhouse gas emissions intensity by 50 percent from 2006.


  • Water

    Reduce water consumption intensity by 50 percent from 2006.

  • By-Product Materials

    Reduce by-product materials intensity by 50 percent from 2006.

  • Sustainable Construction

    Design all new facility construction to meet Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) or comparable green building criteria.


  • Safety

    Provide leadership in the safety of people in, on and around our products.

  • Products, Services and Solutions

    Leverage technology and innovation to improve sustainability of our products, services and solutions for our customers.

  • Systems Optimization

    Increase managed fleet hours by 100 percent from 2013.

  • Reman and

    Increase remanufactured and rebuild business sales by 20 percent from 2013.

Caterpillar’s progress in 2015 toward our 2020 goals is provided on the following pages. Intensity-based goals are measured against company sales and revenues, and a decline in sales and revenues in 2015 directly affected our progress toward these goals. Nevertheless, we continued to focus on efficiency improvements and these efforts contributed to year-over-year performance gains in these areas in 2015 when measured on an absolute basis.