2015 Sustainability Report



Recordable Injury Frequency (RIF)

Recordable injuries per 200,000 hours worked

Lost-Time Case Frequency Rate (LTCFR)

Work-related injuries resulting in lost time per 200,000 hours worked

Energy Intensity

Absolute gigajoules energy use/million dollars of revenue

Alternative/Renewable Energy1

Sum of alternative and renewable electrical energy use/total electrical use x 100

GHG Emissions Intensity

Absolute metric tons of CO2e/million dollars of revenue

Water Consumption Intensity2,3

Absolute thousand gallons of water/million dollars of revenue

By-Product Materials Intensity

Absolute metric tons of by-product materials/million dollars
of revenue

Reman End-Of-Life
“Take-back” Percent4

Actual end-of-life returns/eligible returns x 100

Reman End-Of-Life
“Take-back” by Weight4

Millions of pounds of end-of-life material received

1 Total includes purchased and on-site generated alternative and renewable energy, as well as calculating the percentage of renewable energy from grid-purchased electricity using data obtained from the International Energy Agency.

2 Data prior to 2015 has been restated due to data updates realized from improved accuracy.

3 Water consumption intensity does not include non-contact cooling water from foundry operations.

4 Data does not include Progress Rail, Electro-Motive or Solar Turbines.