Our Solutions
Help Our Customers
Build a Better World.

Caterpillar provides the talent, technology and solutions that help build a world in which all people’s basic needs are met in sustainable ways, protect our natural resources and support thriving communities. That’s our vision of a better world.

We help our customers reduce waste and conserve natural resources on their
job sites.

Caterpillar develops products that help customers use less fuel and generate fewer
GHG emissions.

We are dedicated to promoting a culture of safety for everyone at Caterpillar, from employees and dealers to suppliers and customers.

The remanufacturing and rebuilding of our products and components helps extend life cycles and use materials more efficiently.

Our success contributes to the social stability of regions around the world in many ways, from helping to build infrastructure to the Caterpillar Foundation's support of nonprofit partners.

We are committed to fostering a diverse, inclusive and safe environment where all employees can be successful and share
their ideas.