Working to Invest
in Our People

There’s more to work at Caterpillar than the work itself. We’re a workforce made up of smart, diverse, committed people who work together to help build a better world, from supporting our customers through groundbreaking solutions to giving back in our local communities.

To continue to innovate and maintain our global leadership, we must attract, retain and develop the top talent. We do so by giving our people opportunities to explore different career paths within Caterpillar – using their skills and capabilities by moving between business units, locations and job functions. Employees can also learn through a variety of formal and informal programs. We cultivate a workplace where team members feel supported and that reflects the diverse base of customers we serve worldwide.

We are dedicated to the safety of employees at Caterpillar, as well as our extended team of contractors, dealers, suppliers and customers. This commitment to safety begins with the engineering of our products and manufacturing processes, and extends to operator training, job site solutions and promoting a culture of safety that guides the way we work.

Given Caterpillar’s role in sustainable development projects across the world, we have a stake in making scalable progress possible for all. We encourage employees to engage in activities that contribute to society by volunteering or investing financial resources in worthwhile community projects.

Including Everyone
Women's Advancement

At Caterpillar, we believe diverse ideas and experiences lead to deeper understanding. Our Women’s Initiative Network (WIN) employee resource group in Singapore demonstrated this in a big way.

WIN surveyed female employees to learn how to improve Caterpillar’s culture and create opportunities for growth. The top answer: get more men involved. While men make up 85 percent of Caterpillar’s Singapore workforce, they comprise a small percentage of WIN membership and participants in the group’s events. WIN members wanted to develop men as allies and advocates for their female colleagues. They made progress with a number of initiatives, including a celebration of International Women’s Day, promotional videos and professional development discussions on best practices for supporting women in leadership. A series of mentoring sessions organized in collaboration with other Fortune 500 companies provided mentees – both men and women – with access to new role models and networking opportunities.

As a result of these initiatives, the WIN Singapore chapter’s core membership grew from 10 percent to 35 percent male, while its advisory board is now split evenly between men and women. In addition, men now make up nearly 40 percent of participants at WIN Singapore events. Overall participation in these events has doubled over the past year, showing that this work is relevant to both women and men.

Back to People

The National Foundation for Autism Research (NFAR) Tech program teaches young adults with autism software testing skills to prepare them for jobs in the tech industry. When employees from Solar Turbines’ Package and Systems Engineering (PSE) team toured NFAR’s facility, they quickly realized that the students could be an excellent fit for Solar.

The PSE team worked with NFAR to develop a software testing internship program for individuals with autism. The first wave of interns immediately exceeded expectations. They quickly ran through quality gates and test cases and brought a new perspective to the testing, even discovering software issues that existing testers had never noticed. In under a year, the team saw an almost 90 percent reduction in its issue backlog. To date, the team has hired nine NFAR Tech interns, and Solar is grateful to have discovered this special source of talent.

Creating Pathways to Cat® dealer Careers

For a global company like Caterpillar, we depend on talented people to run dealerships, repair our equipment and launch businesses that use Cat® machines. We know there are people across the world eager to take on these roles – they just need training and mentorship to help them get started.

This training gap inspired us to create Technicians for the World, an online program sponsored by Caterpillar that meets the growing need for skilled service technicians. The program began with Technicians for Africa, which launched in Nigeria, Mozambique and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It has since expanded to 12 countries. We also launced Technicians for Arabia in 2018 and will start Technicians for the Caribbean in 2019.

The Technicians for the World curriculum is based on the Caterpillar University Global Service Technician training program and takes between three and six months to complete. It is appropriate for those considering a career as a service technician, as well as existing technicians who want to improve their skills. Over 18 courses, students learn about the Cat product line, as well as the basics of electricity, hydraulics, drivetrains and more. After students complete their coursework, Caterpillar notifies a local Cat dealer, helping put them on the path to employment.

Building this new skill base will benefit not only Caterpillar, but also our industry, as program graduates take jobs with our dealers, customers and peers. With this program, we are proud to help raise the bar for technical skills worldwide.

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Sharing the Value of Water

Water is a fundamental human need – essential for drinking, cooking, washing, growing crops and much more. Yet across the world, according to the World Health Organization, one in nine people lacks access to clean and safe water. As a result, a child dies from a water-related disease every 90 seconds. Safe, readily available water is critical to the future of the developing world, not only because it can improve health, but because it frees individuals, particularly girls and women, to spend time on other tasks, like earning an education or running a business.

That’s why in 2018, the Caterpillar Foundation turned its focus toward examining the most pressing water challenges of our time, declaring 2018 the Year of Water and launching the Value of Water campaign.

Through this campaign, we highlighted our work with grant partners such as charity: water, Ducks Unlimited, Global Citizen, Living Lands & Waters, Opportunity International, The Nature Conservancy and, which includes:

  • Bringing clean water
    to rural communities in Africa through the construction of new wells and innovative pipe systems
  • Restoring critical wetland
    habitats that provide flood protection and water filtration
  • Reducing river pollution
    throughout the United States
  • Strengthening the health
    of the world’s vital rivers
  • Delivering running water
    to homes in Africa, Asia and South America

In addition, through our longtime partnership with, the Caterpillar Foundation supports WaterCredit, which provides small loans to connect families living in poverty with water and sanitation access. With safe water and a toilet at home, individuals gain time and reduce health risks, important steps toward breaking the cycle of poverty. These locally managed projects can create a domino effect within communities as one generation teaches the next. Through this and other grants over the past several years, the Caterpillar Foundation has reached an estimated 2 million people with access to water – a significant contribution toward the Foundation’s goal to help 50 million rise out of poverty by 2020.

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