How Caterpillar's Strategy Is
Helping to Build a Better World

Over the past year, Caterpillar continued executing our enterprise strategy to achieve long-term profitable growth – supporting our customers, rewarding our shareholders and providing opportunity for our employees and the communities where we live and operate. As we execute this strategy, we’re not only driving growth, but also furthering our sustainability journey.

Operational Excellence

Our focus on excellence translates into initiatives that improve safety, deliver high-quality products and implement Lean principles to enhance efficiency and resource conservation. For instance, our facility in Thiruvallur, India, is located in a water-stressed area and relies on groundwater for its operations. Following an extensive water analysis and employee survey, projects implemented across the facility have reduced water use by 14.2 million gallons of water per year.


Expanded product and technology offerings help us reach new markets and better meet the unique needs of our customers. As an example, our updated Cat® G3600 A4 gas compression engine better enables customers to pursue opportunities that require compliance with strict environmental regulations. The new model increases the engine’s power and provides greater flexibility for different fuel qualities, all while allowing operators the possibility of complying with stringent site-specific emissions thresholds.


Digital technologies and aftermarket services connect engines, machines and entire fleets to provide our customers with new levels of insight, enabling them to work smarter by optimizing productivity. That often means using less fuel, reducing emissions and extending the life of their Cat products. One technology leading the way for our Resource Industries’ customers is Cat MineStar™, a suite of technologies that collects, organizes and analyzes a myriad of data points, helping machines run more efficiently and keeping operators out of harm’s way.