Working Smarter
On the Job

Reducing waste and conserving natural resources on job sites are increasingly important goals of many of Caterpillar’s customers as they seek to realize the full value of their assets on the job site. Our Job Site Solutions team works in partnership with Cat® dealers to help customers find innovative ways to improve their operations and be more competitive in the marketplace – solutions that often deliver additional sustainability benefits. For instance, optimizing fleet efficiency not only reduces costs, but can also improve the maintenance and component replacement cycles of individual machines. Better maintenance execution can extend the life of a machine, which in turn reduces raw material consumption.

Cat® Compact

Meets compaction targets faster, saving fuel and reducing rework and material costs.

Cat Payload

Provides on-the-go load weighing to help operators hit precise load targets.

Cat Detect

Gives visibility into site conditions and assets, alleviating safety hazards for operators.

Cat Command

Enables remote control, semi-autonomous or fully autonomous mining equipment systems.

Cat Grade

Combines digital design data, in-cab guidance and automatic controls to enhance grading accuracy.

Cat Link

Uses a web interface to provide visibility into an entire fleet’s performance.

Helping Customers
Reduce Their Impact

Enhanced Safety

Innovating technologies and training that protect operators and other workers onsite.

Fuel Efficiency

Developing products that use less fuel or are powered by alternative energy sources.

Lower Emissions

Combining productivity and efficiency to yield a lower GHG footprint.

Increased Productivity

Helping customers work smarter, reducing the emissions they would otherwise generate with less efficient solutions.

Resource Conservation

Creating a circular flow of materials, maximizing our products’ life cycle value and conserving energy and water.