Product Life

Caterpillar strives to provide customers with quality equipment that delivers the best economic proposition for their business. We remanufacture (reman) and rebuild products and components that provide customers not only with immediate cost savings, but also help extend life cycles and use materials more efficiently. Rebuild programs increase the lifespan of equipment by providing customers with a restored product for less cost than buying new.

A complete Cat® Certified Rebuild includes more than 350 tests and inspections, automatic replacement of approximately 7,000 parts and a like-new machine warranty. In addition, trained dealer service professionals perform this work using genuine equipment and parts. Caterpillar provides information, data, training and service tools to help dealers make the most appropriate decisions on which parts to reuse in order to achieve expected longevity of rebuilt components. Reuse of components helps us use materials and energy more efficiently.

Caterpillar takes a systems view of the life of our products. We design and manufacture them for multiple lives, our dealers support and service them to maximize their value to the customer, and we remanufacture them at the end of their useful life to deliver the next generation of value. Our engineering and manufacturing expertise, field population and dealer organization make this possible. This total life cycle approach allows us to provide sustainable solutions that help customers build a better world.

Reman & Rebuild Opportunities





A More Efficient Assembly Process

Through a collaborative effort involving team members from manufacturing, salvage, marketing and engineering, Caterpillar has developed a new engine prechamber assembly for the Cat® 3600 engine. The assembly uses state-of-the-art machining and laser weld technology. The process reuses over 25 tons of metal annually, reducing new raw material used and providing customers with savings in owning and operating costs.