Solar Turbines' Remanufacturing

Solar Turbines' Overhauls Reduce Resources While Expanding Skills

Solar Turbines supports their customers by providing high quality overhaul exchange turbine engines, built with a mixture of remanufactured and new components. Solar noticed a decline in this mixture, with more new components and less remanufactured. A full value-stream view was evaluated to identify what could be done to reverse this trend. By focusing on reducing the usage for new components, Solar identified the need to enhance engineering for repair development and remanufacturing capability and capacity.

Solar committed increased engineering resources to develop additional repair programs. Our repair development engineers developed the technical understanding necessary to remanufacture more core components back to high standards needed to support tough customer demands.

Solar’s Turbotec remanufacturing facility invested in new technologies to expand our manufacturing capability, and invested in over 20 Rapid Improvement Workshops to eliminate waste and improve the work. These efforts eliminated multiple high-risk manual operations and replaced them with automated processes.

The results? Safer, better and faster. Our Turbotec facility achieved record low recordable injury frequency, our product reliability continues to increase, and we reduced our demand for new materials by over one ton per day by using what we already have.