2015 Year in Review

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Chairman of the Board &
Chief Executive Officer

Douglas R. Oberhelman

Group Presidents

Robert B. Charter

Thomas A. Pellette

Edward J. Rapp

D. James Umpleby III

Denise Johnson –
  effective 2016

Group President &
Chief Financial Officer

Bradley M. Halverson

Executive Vice President,
Law and Public Policy &
Chief Legal Officer

James B. Buda

Senior Vice President

David P. Bozeman

Vice Presidents

Kent M. Adams

William P. Ainsworth

Mary H. Bell**

Thomas J. Bluth

Wai Man (Raymond) Chan

Qihua Chen

Frank J. Crespo

Christopher C. Curfman**

Bob De Lange

Michael L. DeWalt

Paolo Fellin

William E. Finerty**

Gregory S. Folley

Thomas G. Frake

Kimberly S. Hauer

Gwenne A. Henricks

Kenneth J. Hoefling*

Douglas O. Hoerr

Denise C. Johnson

Kathryn D. Karol

Philip G. Kelliher

Pablo M. Koziner

Julie A. Lagacy

Nigel A. Lewis

Steven W. Niehaus

E. Jean Savage

Mark E. Sweeney**

George H. Taylor, Jr.

Tana L. Utley

Karl E. Weiss

Ramin Younessi

Chief Accounting Officer

Jananne A. Copeland

Corporate Controller

Jill E. Daugherty


Edward J. Scott

Assistant Treasurer

Sally A. Stiles

Chief Audit Officer

Kimberly R. Doe

Chief Ethics and
Compliance Officer

Lance W. High

Corporate Secretary

Christopher M. Reitz

Assistant Secretary

Patrick G. Holcombe

Assistant Secretary

Joni J. Funk

  *Appointed in 2015
**Retired in 2015