2015 Year in Review

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Workshop for
Women Leaders

“This was by far the best course I’ve taken at Caterpillar in the nine years I’ve been here. It made me learn about myself, gave me confidence and made me really connect with women at work for the first time.”

That’s the sort of feedback we’re receiving about our Breakthrough Leadership for Women workshops – the first leadership program created by a Caterpillar employee resource group – in this case the Women’s Initiatives Network (WIN) – and the first gender-specific workshop designed for high-potential, high-performing women. Research shows that companies perform better when they have more women in leadership positions. So it makes sense to develop and retain female talent in order to help drive the greatest enterprise returns.

Designed by women, for women, the Breakthrough Leadership for Women workshop addresses specific challenges faced by female leaders and aims to strengthen Caterpillar’s female leadership pipeline. Participants are chosen from high-potential female talent with the ability and desire to fill higher positions of leadership.

Based on best practices for female leadership development, the workshop confronts the reasons for perceived differentiations in the workplace, while focusing on authentic leadership styles that incorporate Caterpillar values. The objectives of the course are to help women manage gender bias challenges; negotiate conditions for leadership success; align values, aspirations and actions in high stakes situations; network with other women leaders; and develop a personal brand and vision for authentic leadership.

Breakthrough Leadership can help Caterpillar outperform competitors by fully leveraging the talents and leadership potential of our entire workforce. The impact to the business is a more inclusive, engaged workforce, high-potential leaders with increased confidence and negotiation skills, and hundreds of women who are exploring personal authentic leadership and sharing it back with others.

2006 Women’s Initiative Network was established and now has more than 3,000 members participating in 40 chapters worldwide.