2015 Year in Review

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Innovation Made Simple –
And Profitable with Job Site Solutions

Near the end of his shift, a mine truck operator glances up at the dashboard mounted in his cab. The simple display shows that he exceeded several production targets. However, according to the data, there’s room for improvement. Payloads can be increased and load times reduced.

That’s valuable information with the potential to increase efficiency, productivity and asset utilization – all of which contribute to the bottom line. But technology and data have little worth until the value is extracted and transformed into actionable tasks. Caterpillar is uniquely positioned to do just that. We are forging ahead into areas of unprecedented collaboration with our customers and dealers to develop the capabilities and processes that put technology and data to work, with bottom-line results for our customers, dealers and Caterpillar.

With Job Site Solutions, we’ve made it easier than ever for customers to collect raw data from their machines, and we provide the technology to interpret that data into tangible information that means something to them. The next step is to analyze the data to better understand the customers’ unique challenges and opportunities. Simple, real-time data can show them what went wrong (or right) on the last run, how they’re doing against their production goals, whether they have the right number of trucks on the route or need to reduce wait times – nearly every aspect of their operations is factored in.

Once we’ve established a baseline, and it’s clear what needs to be accomplished, Caterpillar becomes a trusted, hands-on partner in our customers’ production and fleet management. Importantly, their costs for these solutions are based solely on the actual value received from the improvements we help them implement. It’s about pay for performance. In very concrete terms, when the customer wins, we win.

Through these solutions, we are delivering on the performance and value premium of Cat products and extended enterprise. Customers gain increased throughput and can invest more in their businesses. It’s a way in which Caterpillar, our dealers and our customers can realize and share gains together, helping improve efficiency and profitability, as well as sustainable, long-term relationships.