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2019 | Annual Report

Executing Our Strategy

Powering the
World When
It Matters Most

Caterpillar takes its commitment to powering the world seriously. From powering data centers and enabling telecommunications that keep the world connected, to supplying backup power for homes, schools, hospitals and entire cities — we’ve been providing power that communities rely on for more than 85 years.

We tend to think about electricity most during its absence, say when the power goes out during a storm. But institutions that support critical operations, such as hospitals, law enforcement offices and data centers, have no margin for error when it comes to backup power.

Lives in the balance

The Milton S. Hershey Medical Center at Pennsylvania State University is a leading teaching and research hospital located in Hershey, Pennsylvania. The combined adult/pediatric level 1 trauma center has 548 beds and sees more than 72,000 patients in the emergency room each year.

As a Solar Turbines customer, Hershey Medical Center relies on uninterrupted power for better patient care and comfort that’s both cost-effective and efficient.

When deciding which system to purchase, the Hershey Medical Center team chose a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system powered by a Solar Taurus™ 70 gas turbine package due to Solar’s robust reputation and experience with other hospitals.

Impressive results

After the Solar system installation, Hershey Medical Center has a projected $2.5M savings in annual operating costs, resulting in a payback of less than eight years. In addition, the facility anticipates an annual reduction of 44,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions — the equivalent of removing approximately 7,200 cars from the road.

And backup power is no longer a worry. Hershey Medical Center Campus Energy Engineer Kevin Kanoff explains, “The cogeneration plant has a much higher efficiency than our [previous] boiler system. It will serve as a backup for us in case of an emergency or power outage. It gives us resiliency.”

The growing role of power in healthcare

As Caterpillar generators power hospitals and service organizations across the United States and the world, power plays an increasingly critical role — supporting traditional essential functions in patient care, like emergency services, surgeries and life support. But power is also critical to the growing role of data in healthcare. Systems such as electronic health record platforms, data storage, telemedicine and mobile applications depend on reliable power.

Based in Akron, Ohio, and serving more than 1 million patients, Summa Health is one of the largest integrated healthcare delivery systems in the state. In 2017, Summa Health broke ground on a new seven-story patient tower to house a women’s health center, six operating rooms, a birthing center and neonatal intensive care unit. In addition to needing a power system for the new tower, the Summa Health facilities team also wanted to replace aging generator sets in the Akron City Hospital with modern, highly reliable units that could address growing standby power requirements.

The answer

Summa Health administrators selected Cat® dealer Ohio Cat to supply three 1250 kW Cat® C32 diesel generator sets for the new patient tower. In addition, they purchased two Cat C32 diesel generator sets to replace the standby units at Akron City Hospital that had been providing emergency power since the 1970s for medical and data center operations.

“The high-power density units were selected based on their footprint and the amount of power they produce,” says Ed Friedl, vice president of construction and property management for Summa Health.

Looking to the future, Caterpillar is poised to support the healthcare network’s growing power needs.

“I’ve been using Caterpillar engines for more than 20 years, and the reliability of Caterpillar in our area is important,” Friedl says. “They’re reliable and as long as I’m in charge, we won’t deviate from Caterpillar.”

It’s what we do

We have a proven track record of supporting healthcare facilities with power solutions that sustain the lives of millions of patients each year, including those seeking treatment at some of the world’s largest hospitals. These solutions are engineered to operate at peak efficiency and deliver power when and where it’s needed most.

Powering the world when it matters is one example of supporting customers who are building a better world. It’s our purpose. Today, more than ever, Caterpillar is a critical participant in ambitious projects worldwide — developing sustainable communities, enabling economic growth through infrastructure and energy development, improving standards of living and developing new technologies to help our customers succeed.

It’s why we’re here.

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