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Feature Stories

Caterpillar, Then and Now

While many things have changed since our early days, the heart of Caterpillar remains the same.

A Powerful Commitment to Sustainability

Caterpillar is positioned to serve customer demand for products that support fuel transition, increase operational efficiency and reduce emissions.

Operators: Working With Those Who Get the Job Done

Operators are the unsung heroes on our customers’ job sites and we’re supporting them with training and resources to help work more safely and more efficiently.

Keeping Equipment in Check

Cat® Customer Value Agreements (CVAs) are part of a growing number of services designed to make our customers more successful.

Collaborating in a Pandemic

Innovative thinking and ingenuity have helped Caterpillar, dealers and customers continue to do essential work and support communities throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Building Back Resiliently

Caterpillar products and philanthropy continue to be there to help communities rebuild after disasters.

Expanded Offerings Powered
by Technology

Caterpillar is introducing new products with enhanced technologies. They’re just one way we’re able to offer product segmentation that meets the needs of our broad customer base.

Together, for the Long Haul

In a world where single-use items, disposable packaging and mass consumption is the order of the day, Cat® mining trucks offer a refreshing approach to longevity – they’re built to rebuilt and here for the long haul.

Innovation on the Rails

Progress Rail keeps the world rolling with solutions that increase efficiency, improve safety and reduce emissions.

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