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2020 Sustainability Report Caterpillar’s Environmental,
Social and Governance Approach

Sustainability Innovations Today

Now, more than ever, customers can count on Caterpillar to provide products and services to help them achieve their sustainability goals.

We are building on our history of innovation to drive value for our customers through our products and services. We partner with our customers to identify challenges, understand requirements and deliver solutions that help them be more successful.

Slide 1 of 8 "The Universal Remote Operator Station" is visible.

Slide 1: Awarded US Department of Energy research funding for
two three-year development projects:

1. a program for: hydrogen fuel cell systemfor data center power

2. a program related to a flexible natural gas and hydrogen combined heat and power system.

Slide 2: Progress Rail has introduced a zero-emissions
switcher locomotive.

Slide 3: Introduced a battery electric powered
underground loader.

Slide 4: The Universal Remote
Operator Station

provides remote, non-line-of-sight control for
safer operation.

Slide 5: The 3512 T4 DGB engine
has been recognized with the EPA Clean Air Excellence Award for its ability to substitute up to 85% of diesel fuel with natural gas. This proven DGB solution is capable of operating with natural gas blends with up to 20% hydrogen which can significantly reduce methane emissions.

Slide 6: Enhanced safety, efficiency and productivity
are among the benefits of mining autonomous solutions offered through Cat Command for Hauling, Underground,
Dozing and Drilling.

Slide 7: An electric large
mining truck trolley

has demonstrated reduced GHG emissions.

Slide 8: Developed together with our dealer PON,
the Z-line electric
medium excavator

offers a zero-emissions solution for
construction customers.

New 2030 Goal:

100% of Caterpillar’s new products through 2030 will be more sustainable than the previous generation through collaborating with customers, reduced waste, improved design for rebuild/remanufacturing, lower emissions or improved efficiency.

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