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2020 Sustainability Report Caterpillar’s Environmental,
Social and Governance Approach


The people of Caterpillar include over 97,000 globally diverse employees in 66 countries and 150 locations around the world. We collaborate in 76 languages and, together, develop solutions that help our customers build a better world, innovate new technologies and give back to our communities. Our Values in Action define what we stand for and how we conduct ourselves with our customers, partners, and one another. Our employees do work that matters. In turn, Caterpillar provides a positive work environment by continually strengthening our safety culture, supporting all aspects of health, and offering challenging and meaningful work. We attract, hire and develop people with diverse perspectives and strive for an inclusive culture where everyone can do their best work. We believe this is fundamental to our company’s success.

Our Global Response to the Pandemic

Protecting the health of our employees is ingrained in Caterpillar’s culture at every level. In 2020, our safety-first culture led the Executive Office’s important early response to the COVID-19 pandemic by convening a global, enterprise-level task force of business, EHS, medical, HR, legal and communications leaders. The task force quickly responded with expert guidance, working across the enterprise with our business leaders to implement enhanced safety measures, standard protocols, and important benefits like enhanced paid leave for quarantines and childcare for our essential work force. They also ensured that the needs of our employees who were working remotely were addressed through a variety of measures.

Expanded offerings for tele-health services and increased programming for mental wellness and well-being were provided to all employees. Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) was expanded globally to provide support for a variety of personal and health concerns, including emotional health, stress and managing change. Supervisors and managers were also provided support adjusting to leading virtual teams, with training materials, seminars and on-demand learning.

Supervisors, managers and leaders in every region of the world ensured frequent communication with employees to help facilitate resiliency throughout the year. In return, our employees responded with focus on driving business results. In addition, many also helped to fight the spread of COVID in the communities where they live and work through donations to local families and volunteer work in supporting local efforts.

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